Vintage style guitar straps

Some musical genres will always remain legendary just as the artists and events related to these. The vintage guitar straps from Overdrive Straps remind us of former times and honour our musical heroes from the past. These beautiful guitar straps have fantastic prints that give your guitar a cool vintage look.

Yet the vintage guitar straps from Overdrive Straps are anything but old-fashioned. Many young artists rock vintage style guitar straps and wear them to magnify their look on stage. Furthermore, a vintage guitar strap has a timeless character and will never get boring. And last but not least: our vintage guitar straps are handmade and long-lasting.

Beautiful Vintage Style Guitar Straps


"Bohemian" Vino Overdrive Strap

Our stunnig "Bohemain" strap now also available in our chic Vino color! Optionable with classy full-grain brown/black/white leather and...



"Mojo Vibe" Orange Overdrive Strap

Our "Mojo Vibe" strap has a super groovy fabric! Optionable tough full-grain in brown/black/white leather and bronze/silver hardware....



"Woodstock" Full Leather Overdrive Strap

Stunning psychedelic 60's retro print! Our "Woodstock" on super strong all full-grain leather strap. Comfortable 5cm / 2inch wide...



Brown Full Leather Overdrive Strap

Super strong full-grain leather strap. Thick 'n tough high quality leather. Comfortable 5cm / 2inch wide. Available in Black, Brown &...


Leather and seatbelt vintage guitar straps

A vintage guitar strap should of course match your identity as an artist. Some guitarists therefore prefer unprinted seatbelt straps or a bold full leather strap inseatd of a very colourful jacquard guitar strap. In the webshop of Overdrive Straps you will find a wide range of cool guitar straps so you can always find the guitar strap that you desire.

Whichever vintage guitar strap you choose, you will certainly not regret your choice.  You can put together all guitar straps entirely according to your own preferences. This means you can personally determine important features such as seatbelt/leather and hardware colours and length. Through these option you can  create your unique guitar strap.

Handmade vintage guitar straps

For vintage guitar straps, however, there are other important things that matter besides a unique look. You expect a handmade guitar strap to have a long lifespan and excellent comfort. A long lifespan is vital in order to enjoy your vintage guitar straps as long as possible. That is why all our Overdrive Straps are made of sustainable materials such as strong safety seatbelt, heavy duty hardware and sturdy leather. This makes your guitar straps indestructible to even the wildest of gigs!

A wide range of cool guitar straps

The vintage guitar straps from Overdrive Straps meet the toughest quality standards and yet are very competitively priced. In our website you will find a wide range of handmade guitar straps, from solid neutral colored guitar straps to psychedelic or explosive colored guitar straps. Check 'm all out!

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"Boho" Red/Black Overdrive Strap

"Boho" Red/Black strap. Beautiful fiery color. Leather, hardware & backing belt colors all optionable, style your strap your way!



"Maya" Forest Green Overdrive Strap

Beautiful Maya like print of warm 'Forest' colors. Strap is optionable with tough full-grain brown/black/white leather and bronze/silver...



"Oriental" Ocean Blue Overdrive Strap

Our "Oriental" strap has a very classy Arabic like fabric. Optionable with tough full-grain brown/black/white leather and bronze/silver...



"Woodstock" Overdrive Strap

The psychedelic 60's spirit is strong in this one! "Woodstock" Overdrive Strap. Beautiful retro vintage style fabrics. Leather, seatbelt...