Answers to the most frequently asked questions:
Overdrive Straps
 What is the max. and min. wearing length of the guitar straps?
 How wide are Overdrive Straps?
 The leather of my strap won't fit well on the end of pin of my guitar..
 Can you customize straps any further than the options?
 Which strap model is most comfortable to wear?
 How to connect the camera straps to a camera?
 Important maintenance of the leather
Order Process
 How can I place an order?
 Worldwide shipping?
 Shipping costs
 How long will it take before I receive my order?
 Can I return my order?
 NON-EU countries get to order without the listed 21% VAT Taxes!
 My country is not listed when ordering
 What payment methods do you offer?
 I have a different currency than € Euro's
 Something went wrong while placing my order, what now?
 I have placed an order and realise I have made a mistake in my address, now what?
 Can you give me or my band an endorsement?
 Can I become a dealer of Overdrive Straps?