Beautiful retro guitar straps

Many guitarists have a rich musical history and think back to past highlights with great pleasure. The retro guitar straps from Overdrive Straps briefly bring history back to life and take you to your favourite musical era. These timeless guitar straps have been embellished with beautiful materials that add a retro character to your guitar gear.

The retro guitar straps from Overdrive Straps are, however, certainly not old hat. It is with good reason that these cool guitar straps are highly sought after among the younger generation. A retro guitar strap is the ideal accessory for your guitar and gives you as an artist a distinctive look. Not unimportantly: our retro guitar straps are handmade and personally customizable through the presented options.

"Marrakesh" Overdrive Strap

Our "Marrakesh" design is a beautiful warm Eastern style fabric, backed with chic 'Vino' or cool black seatbelt strap. Many color options...



"Maya" Full Leather Overdrive Strap

Psychedelic! Super strong all full-grain leather strap for maximum durability and comfort. Available in Black, Brown & Cognac leather...



"Oriental" Ocean Blue Overdrive Strap

Classy Eastern style fabric. Backed with comfy and chic golden seatbelt. Leather, & hardware colors all optionable, style it to your taste!



"Woodstock" Overdrive Strap

The psychedelic 60's spirit is strong in this one! "Woodstock" Overdrive Strap. Beautiful retro vintage style fabrics. Leather, seatbelt...


Custom retro leather guitar straps

Of course a retro guitar strap should suit your image as an artist. Some artists therefore prefer inconspicuous seatbelt guitar straps leather guitar straps or in fact highly prominent psychedelic guitar straps. The website of Overdrive Straps contains a wide selection of cool guitar straps, so that you can always find the guitar strap that suits your unique identity.

Have you already made your choice and do you wish to buy retro guitar straps? Then too, the choice in our webshop is very extensive. Besides our timeless retro fabric straps we sell, among other things, full leather straps with tremendous durability or super light weight seatbelt straps. You can personalise all of our retro guitar straps on the basis of aspects such as leather colour, length and hole size.

Handmade retro guitar straps

Of course you would expect more from a handmade guitar strap than looks. You also want to enjoy your guitar gear as long as possible. That is why Overdrive Straps are made of premium materials such as sustainable safety seatbelt materials or sturdy full grain leather.  This means that your guitar straps will survive every performance.  Overdrive Straps are therefore ideal for artists who seek a good guitar strap for their guitar or bass.