Retro Print Camera Straps

Coolest strap on the block, no dull factory strap! Striking prints, strong leather, comfortable seatbelt webbing. Create your favorite strap! Always ready for that perfect shot..

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Connectable through the leather loop or with provided ring.
The leather is 10mm wide (2/5 inch) and about 2mm or 2,5mm thick (1/10 inch).

Leather & seatbelt colors all optionable, style it your way!
Want to take a better look at all the possibilities? Check out our guitar retro straps for more examples.

Camera straps by Overdrive Straps are hand made out of the strongest safety belt materials, heavy duty hardware and full-grain belting leather. Available in many colors and fully customizable to your own style!

PS: These bad boys make great banjo straps too!