Mastodon's Brent Hinds guitar straps

Are you looking for cool guitar straps that are also used by Mastodon's Brent Hinds himself? Then you have landed on the right website! Overdrive Straps are handmade guitar straps that distinguish themselves by their high quality and fantastic look. With these guitar straps you know for sure that you will make a lasting impression during your performances.

We at Overdrive Straps believe that music is about the total experience, sound and vision.
A living legend such as Brent Hinds is an impressive presence on stage. This is magnified even further by the fine guitar gear such as the guitar straps that he uses.

Brent Hinds


Overdrive Straps Brent Hinds plays:

"Aztek" White Overdrive Strap

"Aztek" is decorated with a very cool Aztek style print. Backed with dazzling white seatbelt strap. Style it to your taste!


"Boho" Orange/Black Overdrive Strap

"Boho" Orange/Black strap. Beautiful classic Boho style fabrics. Backed with our strong black or orange seatbelt. Leather & hardware colors optionable!


"Maya" Full Leather Overdrive Strap

Psychedelic! Super strong all full-grain leather strap for maximum durability and comfort. Available in Black, Brown & Cognac leather color. Also optionable are super cool badges!


"Mojo Vibe" Orange Overdrive Strap

Our "Mojo Vibe" strap has a super groovy fabric! Tough full-grain leather available in multiple colors and bronze/silver hardware. Check out the cool backing belt color options...


Brown Full Leather Overdrive Strap

Brown Full Leather Overdrive Strap

Super strong full-grain leather strap. Thick 'n tough high quality leather. Comfortable 5cm / 2inch wide. Available in Black, Brown & Cognac. Check out the cool badges!


Brent Hinds guitar straps

Artists such as Brent Hinds choose guitar straps that complement and enhance their image. This is an example of Brent wearing our Vintage 70's model Overdrive Strap. Vintage styled straps such as the Mojo Vibe strap are very popular in our webshop and can be ordered in various colour settings and prints.

Ofcourse you can find many other types of guitar straps on our website. We specialise in full leather straps, retro fabric straps and seatbelt guitar straps. Each guitar strap can be entirely customised based on your specific requirements. At the product pages we offer options to customize your strap. In this way you can have us make a guitar strap that is truly unique!

Brent Hinds


High-quality guitar straps for Brent Hinds

An experienced artist such as Brent Hinds not only chooses guitar straps that look cool but also that can take quite a knock. A guitar strap should after all not snap in the middle of a performance. Overdrive Straps are handmade out of the best materials such as heavy duty hardware and full-grain leather. They're built to last!

Ofcourse a good guitar strap should at the same time have a comfortable feel. Your guitar playing should not be interfered with by an uncomfortable guitar strap. Overdrive Straps excel in a high degree of comfort on whichever guitar. Brent Hinds can attest to this!

More and more artists choosing Overdrive Straps!

Next to Brent Hinds many popular artists are meanwhile opting for guitar gear from Overdrive Straps. For example, Troy Sanders prefers our Forest Green Seatbelt Overdrive Strap, Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy rocks the Boho Orange Overdrive Strap and The Smashing Pumpkins Jeff Schroeder chooses the Bohemian Mint Overdrive Strap.
We are thrilled to have recently also welcomed guitar virtuoso Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and hard rockers Dave Catching and Matt McJunkins of Eagles of Death Metal to our Overdrive Straps artist list.