Erfarhungen aus der Gitarristen die mit Overdrive Straps spielen
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Nick.s 09-09-2019 um 12:42:52

Well I just got my sixth strap from Overdrive, as always, I was very happy with the quality, fast shipping and everything else.
I'll probably come back for more !

Simon Burton 07-08-2019 um 09:20:52

It was expensive yes, but the quality is amazing I cant see me ever buying another strap again ever. Disappointed i have to pay slightly more for bigger strap lock holes, surely im paying more for less leather I realise its an swap for the drill bit or router but seems when paying 80 or so euros for a strap getting charged for extra big holes is a bit of a liberty. Still amazing quality and fast shipping and turn around.

Simon - the UK

Tristan 16-07-2019 um 06:38:13

Great strap, perfect service ! Thank you very much !

Tristan - France

Andrea 05-07-2019 um 11:36:08

I first bought a seatbelt strap, but it was so pretty and comfortable that I bought a second one of a different colour. I will definitely come back here if I will need to purchase another strap, highly recommended!

Andrea - Netherlands

Luka 15-05-2019 um 11:20:23

Great strap! Well made and great looking

Luka - Croatia

Martin 13-05-2019 um 10:51:19

Amazing strap ! Great quality and very beautiful ! Thank you very much !

Martin - France

Ron Wisconsin 12-05-2019 um 05:16:04

ROCKIN my new Overdrive strap. AWESOME color, quality and service

Larrivee player 10-05-2019 um 10:29:38

Supernice seatbelt-strap with genuine leather details. I'm very pleased!

Nick 01-04-2019 um 23:23:38

These straps are gorgeous and comfortable, with attention to details like extra large holes for strap locks. Brilliant!

Austin 27-03-2019 um 19:54:59

Great strap, great service. Thanks again.

Austin - Minnesota, US

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